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Vendors & Exhibitors

Vendors from around the world will be in Denver

Denver 2023 promises to be a largest and most comprehensive gathering of vendors and exhibitors

of narrow gauge railroad products and services in years. Don't miss out!


Vendors: While our floor space is generous, we have approximately the same numbers of tables as 2017,

and those sold out early. As of 8-10-2023, we have already sold most of the available tables.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, please contact us ASAP! 

We will be using the Whova event management software for our convention’s registration. In June 2023, we will provide registered vendors with a link where you will be able to download an app for you iPhone and/or Android device and/or computer.  This will provide a ton of information that will be fully up-to-date with schedule, clinics, news, etc.  We expect that this powerful app will help keep you aware of what’s happening at the convention.


To register your company for this convention, refer to the map below and select the table or table numbers you prefer.  Please include both a primary and secondary choice as we cannot guarantee that someone hasn't beaten you to the selection.  We will work with you to get your company a space that works for you. Note that in the map (1) the yellow tables are 6’ long and the orange tables are 8’ long, and (2) the main entrance will be the doors at the top of the map. Lastly, while the lighting in the convention center was recently updated to state-of-the-art LEDs, it is a large space with high ceilings, so you may consider bringing additional spotlighting for your table. We are offering electrical service for less than half of our cost, so we can provide you with the best opportunity to display your products well and make sales. (Please note that after Aug 15, we will not refund any table cancellations)


So just click the “Register Now with Whova” button below and follow the instructions!

NNGConvention Center Diagram for website 8-16-23.tif

Register for Tables with Whova
(Pick a Table Size and Add Additional Tables/Electric/Shirts etc, by clicking on
Qty carrot on form below)

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